Since 2014, Workers Defense Action Fund has endorsed local and state candidates across Texas and reached more than 177,000 people through field programs. We do not align ourselves with a particular party, nor do we consider a single politician representative of our platform. We center the issues of workers rights first and foremost.

Greg Casar

Austin District 4 City Council Member

Greg Casar has fought alongside Workers Defense to win policies that systematically improve the lives of low-wage workers & working families in Austin. He understands people power & that organizing works to create transformational change for the most vulnerable in Austin.

Jimmy Flannigan

Austin District 6 City Council Member

In a city that aims to be inclusive of all its members, Jimmy Flannigan fought to ensure that the City of Austin’s response and relief programs to COVID-19 were inclusive of everyone, regardless of immigration status.

Leslie Pool

Austin District 7 City Council Member

Leslie Pool continually stands with Austin’s working and immigrant families. Low-wage workers can count on her to support policies that lift them out of poverty and ensure good working conditions on construction job sites.