Membership Newsletter – June 2022


Dear Members, this month of July we are very excited to welcome our new Co-Executive Director, Lizeth Chacón! Lizeth will be joining our team in our Dallas office! Throughout the summer, Lizeth and I will be traveling around the state to meet with members in each of our cities in person. Here are the tentative dates for each city: 

  • Austin- Tuesday, July 12th 7-8:30pm 
  • Dallas- Tuesday, July 26th 7-8:30pm 
  • Houston- Monday, August 8th 7-8:30pm 

We are so excited to spend time with you in community, and to hear directly from you, our members! 

Lizeth’s arrival as a Co-Director marks an incredible next chapter in the growth of our organization! I am proud to be in this fight with each and everyone of you. 

Emily Timm, 

Co-Founder & Co-Executive Director


Thursday, June 30th at 7:00pm: Healing Conversation after the Uvalde and Buffalo shootings (on Zoom)

The week of July 4th – 8th: Workers Defense offices are closed

Friday, July 29th in DALLAS: Save the date for an action demanding immigration protections for immigrant workers!


In Austin we launched our membership recruitment drive! We trained 15 WDP member leaders to be recruiters. Now they will go out and build popular power in their communities. Also, we are planning a special event in July to recognize our Better Builder program.


In Dallas this month we did an accompaniment to the immigration offices with one of our member leaders, Claudia. She emerged victorious from his appointment with the ICE authorities and very motivated and proud to be part of WDP!

This month we also participated in conjunction with the city of Fort Worth and the Artes de La Rosa cultural center in the screening of the film “Building the American Dream” where some of the stories and victories of WDP members are portrayed. This event was open to the community and was followed by a panel that included our lead member and board member Claudia Golinelli, Dallas Campaign Manager Bricia Garcia, and other invited experts who discussed the current lack of protections for construction workers in the state of Texas and the many dangers to which they are exposed in their day to day.


We had our first meeting of Construction Workers Building a Better Harris County. Our members in Houston that are part of the always essential committee, and of our construction worker committee came together to strategize, learn and begin a conversation around our demands to the county and the needs of construction workers in Harris county now. These conversations will help us inform the demands we bring to the county through the Always Essential Workers Board, and other parts of our work! Thank you Charon, Candido, Jairo, Maynor y Marisol for joining us and leading the change!! 

We joined our allies and partners from IUPAT and the AFT to demand better standard, pay and protections for our teachers. Shout out to our members leader Elba Human, Yajaira, and special thanks to maynor for speaking in the action from a Construction workers perspective on the struggles on the workers face when working building our schools in Houston and also supporting teachers in their demands!

We held an application walk through party on June 24th to fill out applications to be part of the FIRST EVER Essential workers Board in the country. Members of the Board will propose and bring the demands and policy proposals of workers to the county and they will vote on these proposals. Thanks to our allies at Fe y Justicia Worker Center, We Dream in Black, and SEIU Texas for working together on this event.

WDP Members, as you all know WDP’s engine and heart and those that make our work possible are YOU. Our members! Which is why we need to continue creating more power and we do that by creating people power. At the end of this month we are launching our Membership Drive and Summer Blitz Outreach Project! For the summer blitz members will apply and three members will be selected as our promotores for the summer to go out into the field with our organizing Houston team to recruit construction workers. 

We will also have our membership drive where you can participate and win prizes for those who recruit the most members! Are you ready?!! 

Many thanks to Charon for repping PDL at Labor Notes in Chicago, we were a part of two amazing workshops on friday and saturday! Friday afternoon we partnered with IUPAT Arizona and discussed our work at PDL, how PDL and unions organize alongside construction workers in Houston, and how deferred action is a potent tool we should be making use of! Thanks to Jobs with Justice for inviting us! 

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