Membership Newsletter – May 2022



Last Thursday, May 12th, we convened our second immigration assembly. National allies from Jobs with Justice and the National Day Labor Organizing Network joined us. 

We learned about the DALE campaign (demands here) and a new path to immigration protection (like deferred action) for workers with certain workplace abuse cases. We maintain our commitment to build the movement and our collective power to win all that we deserve – citizenship and an end to deportations. The immigration committee will have updates and next steps to share at upcoming membership meetings in each city. 

To learn more about the campaign and how other groups nationally are advancing these demands, check out this video:


In Austin we commemorated Worker Memorial Day with a potluck and ceremony to honor those who have died on the job. The fight continues for dignified and safe jobs


This month in Dallas we commemorated the Day of the Fallen. Members gathered to honor those who have lost their lives at work due to the lack of safety conditions, COVID cases, and others. We made an altar and a mural where members made art to express the reasons they’re in this fight.

La lucha sigue compañerxs!


So far in the month of May, the fight against the injustices against construction workers continues to be arduous. 

We came together with our brave peers at the Rail Loft Project in downtown Houston. This is a project that comes from government funds for the improvement of buildings that were impacted by Harvey. This building will serve as apartments and services for veterans Houston. But, unfortunately in this project, injustices have occurred for the workers. 

Thanks to the bravery of our comrades Alejandro and Juan Manuel, they have raised their voices against wage theft and intimidation, and now the contractors in this project are under investigation for wage theft, and we know that very soon our comrades will be able to receive justice and also that this fight will help us keep demanding that Harris county becomes a place where workers are treated w dignity and respect.

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