4 out of 5 Texans support direct financial relief after Winter Storm Uri.

The POWER Act would establish a disaster relief program to provide one-time cash payments of $1,000 to $2,500 per household to Texans most impacted by the storm.

Families had to brave dangerous driving conditions to get to shelter, they burned furniture to stay warm, and faced increased living costs due to water and food shortages. The POWER Act would help Texans get back on our feets after this storm and provide us with much needed financial relief. 


The POWER Act charges the comptroller with establishing and overseeing a disaster relief grant program. 

Local governments, like our cities and counties, may seek funding from the comptroller through this grant program to provide direct financial assistance to eligible residents. Local governments may also contract with nonprofit organizations to help them administer this relief program. 

We saw how non-profits stepped up to fill the void and meet the basic needs of Texans. These organizations, more than anyone, understand the financial hardship Texans are facing. 

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In order for Texas to recover from Winter Storm Uri, lawmakers need to do more than fix our power grid, and they need to provide needed relief to Texas families who are still suffering. As we also recover from the impact COVID-19 had on our economy, the POWER Act is another important step forward for Texas.