Texans are in the midst of both a climate crisis and a political crisis, created by the willful negligence of our state leadership that failed to hold energy providers accountable for weatherizing our public utilities. Once again, Texas leaders failed to regulate corporate interests at the expense of our families.

Make a 501(c)3 contribution to support our humanitarian relief work to help families recover from this man-made disaster. 

Make a 501(c)(4) contribution to support the work that must continue once the TV cameras are gone- organizing our community to fight back and demand that our elected leaders put people over profit and end the years of de-regulation that have led to the current crisis. 


Provide direct relief to people at this moment through wellness checks, water, food, and other basic essentials.

Organize and mobilize Texans to understand this was a man-made disaster created by ideologies that cozy up to corporate interests over the wellbeing of our communities.

Without immediate, inclusive and decisive action by all of us, the impact of this crisis will continue to be devastating.

Your support is critical to ensure all communities can weather the ongoing fallout of power grid failures and emerge with the resources necessary to advance themselves and their families once the dust settles.

Low-wage workers, immigrants, people of color, and in particular Black and Latino families have been the hardest hit.

Working families are reeling from power outages that have left families shivering in their own homes for days, often without running water or access to food.

Working families' needs are urgent, and the time to act is now.