Our Work

Workers Defense Action Fund is an organization fighting for the rights of low-wage workers and immigrants across Texas. We ignite a powerful collective fight for a more just future. Change has been slow because those most impacted by systemic inequalities have been ignored.

Our community knows that they have been underestimated and underserved. Texas has more workers making at or below the federal minimum wage than any other state, and it is the most uninsured state in the country. By helping working Texans find their voice in the voting booth and beyond, we challenge the corruption that leads to poverty level wages, wage theft, dangerous and deadly working conditions, and inadequate legal protections for Texas workers.

Our worker members take the lead in everything we do, from endorsing politicians who will fight for worker and immigrants rights to passing policies at the local and state-wide level. Since 2014, Workers Defense Action Fund has endorsed local and state candidates across Texas and reached more than 177,000 people through field programs.

Our Guiding Principles

We focus on issues that matter most to working Texans.

We do not align ourselves with a particular party, nor do we consider a single politician representative of our platform. We center the issues of workers rights first and foremost, and engage working Texans around the issues that are most important to their families.

We center workers rights in all that we do.

While we also have opinions and mobilize our base for issues relating to climate justice, criminal justice reform and more, our #1 issue is workers rights. We understand these other basic human rights that start with worker’s rights and having a dignified job.

We are working to build governing power.

We invest in asking people that align with our values and come from our community to run for office, we support those who will be our champions in their run for office by mobilizing black and brown voters into the polls.