RELEASE: Workers Defense on Governor Abbott’s Anti-Democratic Legislative Priorities for the Special Session

Austin, Texas — Today, Governor Abbott announced his agenda items for a special session of the Texas Legislature starting July 8. Legislative priorities include voter suppression, border wall funding, critical race theory and other anti-democratic legislation. Priorities do not include the Texas power grid, expanding healthcare access and COVID-19 recovery. 

Workers Defense Action Fund Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director Emily Timm issued the following statement:

“Governor Abbott’s legislative priorities make it clear that he will stop at nothing to score political points at the expense of working Texans. This isn’t governing–these priorities are a direct attack on democracy itself. Limiting access to the ballot box is anti-democratic. Holding working families hostage by withholding Article 10 funding is anti-democratic. Restricting the ability of educators to teach students about the history of systemic oppression against communities of color in Texas is anti-democratic. Going against the will of the people and resuming construction on a border wall is anti-democratic, not to mention a waste of taxpayer dollars.

“These are the tactics of tyrants. Texas is the battleground for our very democracy. We are ready to take the fight back to the Capitol to put a stop to our Governor’s attack on our democracy and working Texans. Texans deserve better than this.” 


Workers Defense Action Fund is a statewide organization dedicated to building power for low-wage workers, people of color, and immigrants across Texas to win fair employment conditions and a better quality of life for working families through legislative advocacy, voter education, and voter engagement.

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