Workers Defense On SCOTUS Decision Overturning Roe v. Wade

This morning, the United States Supreme Court officially overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark case which outlined the legal foundation for abortion rights in the United States. In thirty days, Texas’ trigger law will go into effect, making performing an abortion a first-degree felony. Almost all of Texas’ neighboring states will have an abortion ban of some degree take place in the coming months. That is the landscape we are living in.

We highlight this so you can take a moment to grieve, to rage, to feel the burden of today’s decision and how it affects our friends, loved ones, and neighbors. But we also share this in a spirit of hope as we reflect on our own roles in this movement and the intersection of our struggles. In these moments, we are reminded that we are each other’s keepers. 

Let us be clear: an attack on reproductive rights is an attack on workers. Abortion bans do not end abortions, they only spur unsafe abortions. Today’s decision, handing over abortion legislation to the States, will only make it even more difficult for BIPOC, low wage, and vulnerable abortion seekers to get the necessary and safe procedures they require. Today’s decision endangers lives. We stand ready to fight alongside our members, our allies, and you in the coming months, for as long as it takes. We invite you to join this fight; to remember that our solidarity is our strength.

In Solidarity,

Workers Defense

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