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Voter ID

The new Voter ID laws are in effect make sure you have your ID before you head to the polls. Your name on your ID must match your name on the registered voters list.


What you need:

In order to vote in Texas, you will need to bring ONE (1) of the following documents to your polling place:

  • TX Driver’s License issued by DPS
  • TX Personal ID card issued by DPS
  • TX concealed handgun license issued by DPS
  • US military ID card showing your photo
  • US citizenship certificate showing your photo
  • US passport book or card
  • Election ID Certificate (EIC) issued by DPS must be current or expire within 60 days of the date of presentation (except the citizenship certificate, which does not expire).



  • People with disabilities can apply for an exemption to this requirement by filling out the form found at this link and mailing it to your county’s Voter Registrar .  For information or assistance contact Disability Rights Texas at 888-796-8683 or
  • Voters who have a consistent religious objection to being photographed and voters who do not have any valid form of photo identification as a result of certain natural disasters (within 45 days of the election) as declared by the President of the United States or the Texas Governor, may vote a provisional ballot, appear at the voter registrar’s office within six (6) calendar days after election day, and sign an affidavit swearing to the religious objection or natural disaster, in order for your ballot to be counted. Please contact your county voter registrar for more details.



Am I registered to Vote?

Find out by clicking here.
Update your voter registration by clicking here.

For the purposes of voting, the address on your id and the address on your voter registration do not have to match. The ID is to prove your identity, not your residency. However, if the addresses do not match, you probably need to update either your id or your registration for other purposes.


Voting By Mail

Voters over 65 or who have a disability automatically qualify to vote by mail. Mail ballot voters do not need to present an ID (unless is their first time voting in a federal election in that jurisdiction). Get a vote by mail application or learn more about voting by mail.


Get your ID

Renew a Texas driver’s license, Personal id card, or Concealed Handgun License

Renew a US passport

Get a replacement Citizenship Certificate


Election Identification Certificate (EIC)

You can get an EIC at any Department of Public Safety office and many EIC mobile locations. Click on the link below for locations and hours.

Locations and Hours to get an EIC

You must bring:

Several other types of supporting documents can be ordered through

More information can be found at

Still have questions? Try



Travis County Tax Assessor Collector’s office and Travis County Clerk’s office